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Reversible Microfiber Drying Mat
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Reversible Microfiber Drying Mat

A fan of tried-and-true kitchen supplies, I was skeptical when I received this as a gift. But it is essential for anyone who doesn't want a drying rack that is too large and awkward to store away. I handwash items frequently--when I I'm too lazy to unload the dishwasher but don't want to a few items to sit in the sink all day, delicate glasses, nonstick or cast iron cookware, extra large bowls or platters, or delicate items whose colors are too vibrant for blasting water and heat--and needed some drying system. This mat is much more absorbent than a kitchen towel and keeps counters/tables 100% dry. It's also thicker and softer, protecting both your counters and breakables. You can fold to make smaller for storage, throw into the washing machine when dirty, and the reversible bright colors are adorable!

Brand: Posted February 21, 2013

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